Global Materials Sourcing

Global Materials Sourcing

Established in 2015, the FL Traders division of the FL Group specialises in the import of material from across the globe. The division has been created by the group as a very conscious attempt to expand the horizons of the FL Projects division and to bring in state-of-the-art materials, processes and equipment into the scope of deliverables of Projects.

The presence of FL Traders in the group ensures that FL Projects is always able to deliver cutting-edge interior designs, keeping an eye out for fashion and material changes, and is quick to incorporate modern ideas and thoughts into their projects.

FL Traders also helps FL Projects to source the latest materials and fabrication tools from across the globe to keep FL Projects’ delivery always current and vibrant.

Going beyond, FL Projects, FL Traders also offers its services to external customers. It specialises in a “you-ring, we-bring” concept of procurement. Name the product and FL Traders can not only source it for you at the lowest possible price but also back it with an assurance of quality. Procurement in high volume helps the division purchase at low rates from the best sources.

A network of contract manufacturers always on call ensures quick delivery of even high volumes, while sourcing teams around the world ensure that FL Traders has their finger on the pulse of the world markets at all times.

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