Domestic Logistics

Domestic Logistics

As part of the strategy of maintaining a complete end-to-end supply chain within the group, the FL Group also includes Hercules — a division that caters to the handling of domestic logistics within India for material movement.

Established in 2006, Hercules caters to the needs of domestic customers for fast, efficient and low-cost transportation of goods across the country.

Within the FL Group, Hercules helps to complete the supply chain to enable last-mile delivery of materials to sites across the country of customers of the FL Projects division.

While FL Projects completes concept and design of hotel and IT park interiors using inputs and materials from across the globe sourced by sister division FL Traders, other sister concerns Jupiter (which handles international logistics) and Hercules (which takes over from the domestic port of delivery) help to deliver the material to site without delay or damage, and at significantly lower costs than if external agencies are used for the purpose.

Put together, the strategy stitches together the entire supply chain and forms a synergistic arrangement that works very well for the end customer, giving him the advantages of global choice, high speed, low cost and maximum efficiency.

Hercules, like the other sister divisions of the FL Group, also extends it services to the general market, and has established itself as a leading logistics player in the domestic market.

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