Synergistic group

Established as a business way back in 1997, the FL Group has grown strategically over the years, and consists now of a synergistic set of companies that form a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain. The Companies in the Group are:

FL Projects

Since 2015

FL Projects is the flagship company of the group, taking on large turnkey projects of interiors, exteriors, decor and security systems at luxury hotels and IT parks as well as high-end villas.

FL Traders is a global sourcing company that tracks global trends and sources products and materials from over 15 countries both for use by FL Projects, as well as by general industry.

FL Traders Pvt Ltd

Since 2015

FL Crafts & Furniture

Since 2019

FL Crafts & Furniture works in conjunction with FL Projects. These crafts and furniture are one-of-a-kind, deftly made by artists to enhance your office space, lobby or living room's aesthetics.

Jupiter Sea & Air Services is an international logistics company with operations in 88 countries, handling customs and transport logistics for both FL Projects and for industry at large.

Jupiter Sea & Air Services Pvt Ltd

Since 1997

Hercules Cargo Solutions Pvt Ltd

Since 2006

Hercules Cargo Solutions is a domestic logistics company that helps in last-mile transport of material within India to customer sites of FL Projects, and also serves industry in general.

FL Decors & Amenities is a sister concern of FL Projects, supporting the Projects team as well as the open market on specific requirements of unique decor, furnishing, and upholstery.

FL Decors & Amenities

Since 1995

FL Security Equipment

Since 2005

FL Security Equipment works in conjunction with FL Projects to offer high-tech security equipment to hotels and IT parks. The company also offers the products in the general market.